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Weekly Newsletter: May 29 – June 4th


Christ is Risen & Ascended! Truly He is Risen & Ascended!

The ascension, which represents the height of victory over the world, is our own feast, where we see ourselves soaring above the cares, the delusions, and the vanity of the word. Those who are not truly dedicated to seeking heavenly things forfeit the glory of ascension and lose the fruits of the cross and the resurrection. The true [Christian] lives the Feast of Ascension, content with the things above, in spirit and truth, all his life. He fears nothing on earth, neither tribulation, nor distress, nor persecution, nor famine, nor nakedness, nor danger, nor sword. He covets nothing on earth, neither honor, nor friendship, nor high position, nor power, nor praise, nor name, nor title, for he mystically feeds on the Truth and Love from above; [Christians] will forget all the things of this world, forget their people, their homeland, and even themselves. – Fr. Matthew the Poor

The excerpt on ascension says that “while He blessed them He parted from them and was carried up into heaven” (Lk. 24:51). We cannot enter into the state of ascension in the spirit, or taste it, unless we are in this very state, that is, “while we are being blessed.” We must be in a state of prayer and blessing for everybody, for every persecutor, everyone who offends, curses, reviles, or says all manner of evil against us falsely. Our heart must be in a state of total forgiveness and true peace, compassion and affection for everyone, so we can break loose from the gravity of earth into the sense of ascension and taste and live it in spirit and in truth.  Similarly, we cannot enter into the state of ascension in the spirit, or taste it, unless we are in the state of “parting from them” so that we experience the state of being carried up above the world by Christ.– Fr. Matthew the Poor ‘


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