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Weekly Newsletter: December 12 – 18


But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your prayer is heard; and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John.” 

As far as the statement of Zacharias is concerned, For your prayer has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, we must not be of the opinion that the high priest who had gone in to pray for the people, suddenly changed his mind and prayed for his own private concerns; that he began to ask especially for children, when he had completely abandoned hope of begetting any, inasmuch as he was an old and infirm man—he would not believe, even at the promise of an angel, that a son could be born to him. But of this we must definitely be aware, that he was asking for the salvation of his people. He knew that they were troubled by a very great burden of sin, and that in addition they were oppressed by the domination of a foreign king. Hence from the angel’s account he recognized that he had been heard, and learned in what manner the salvation which he had been seeking would come: there would be born to him a son who would be a prophet and outstanding teacher; and his son would turn this people to the way of truth and the hope of meriting salvation; and that soon after this there would follow the Savior Himself, who would endow them with the gifts of the heavenly kingdom.  — Venerable Bede


Church Announcements

  • Annual Elementary Nativity Day 2022
    • Please RSVP your child using the QR Code on the this flyer by Sunday, December 26
    • Please sign-up to donate needed items for the homeless service.
  • Liturgy on Sundays will begin at 8am for the month of Kiahk
  • Kiahk Praises on Saturdays from 7:30pm to Midnight

Saints of the Week:

  • St. Andrew the Apostle – Monday, Dec 13
  • Sts. Victor and Isidore, Nahum the Prophet – Tuesday, Dec. 14
  • Pope Abraam, St. Patlas – Wednesday, Dec. 15
  • St. Matthew the Poor– Thursday, Dec. 16
  • Sts. Esi and Thecla, Sts. Barbara and Juliana, St. Samuel the Confessor – Friday, Dec. 17
  • St. Poemen – Saturday, Dec. 18

This Week’s Schedule:

  • Monday:
    • Midnight Praises: 8:00-9:30pm
  • Tuesday:
    • Bible Pleasure at 7:00pm
  • Wednesday:
    • Liturgy: 5:00-7:00am
  • Thursday:
    • Liturgy: 7:30-10:00am
  • Friday:
    • Liturgy: 8:00-10:30am
  • Saturday:
    • No Liturgy on Saturday
    • Hymns Class: 5:00-6:00pm
    • Sunday School: 6:00-7:00pm
    • Vespers: 7:00-7:30pm.
    • Midnight Praises: 7:30-12:00am
  • Sunday:
    • Liturgy: 8:00-11:30am

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