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Weekly Newsletter | August 9 – 15, 2020


Church Announcements

  • St. Mary’s Fast August 7th-21th
    • “Let us all, by God’s grace, run the race of chastity, young men and maidens, old men and children, without abandoning ourselves to lust, but praising the name of Christ. Let us not disregard the glory of chastity, which is the crown of the angels and a superhuman state of life. Let us respect our bodies, which ought to shine like the sun. Let us not stain the body, which is so beautiful and so great, through brief pleasures. Sin is brief and lasts but a little, while the shame of sin lasts a long time, forever. Those who profess chastity are angles dwelling on earth. The virgins have their portion with Virgin Mary. Let us be rid of every sought-for ornament, every dangerous glance, every wanton movement, every scent that leads to lustful pleasure. Instead, let there be in all of us the sweet smell of prayer, of good works, and of bodily holiness, so that the Virgin’s Son may say to us also, ‘I will dwell in their midst, and I will walk with them; I will be their God, and they shall be My people.’” – St. Cyril of Jerusalem
  • St. Mary Revival:
    • This Week: Wednesday (8/12) – Saturday (8/15)
      • Vespers and Veneration: 7:00 -8:15pm (Open to all)
    • Next Week: Wednesday (8/19) – Friday (8/21)
      • Vespers and Veneration: 7:00-8:15pm (Open to all)
    • Feast of St. Mary (Assumption of the body of St. Mary) (8/22)
      • All-Night Vigil: Saturday 12am – 5am
      • Liturgy: 5am -7am (Open Liturgy)
  • 1st Sunday of Mesore – (8/9/20)
  • 2nd Sunday of Mesore- (8/16/20)
  • This Week’s Schedule
    • Wednesday:
      • Liturgy: 5:00-7:30 (Open Liturgy)
      • Vespers & Veneration: 7:00-8:15pm
    • Thursday:
      • Arabic Liturgy: 6:00-8:00 (Open Liturgy)
      • Vespers & Veneration: 7:00-8:15pm
    • Friday:
      • Liturgy: 5:00-7:30 (Open Liturgy)
      • Vespers & Veneration: 7:00-8:15pm
    • Saturday:
      • Vespers & Veneration: 7:00-8:15pm
    • Sunday:
      • Liturgy: 5:30-8:00 (Liturgy by appointment)

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